Quality & craftsmanship

Two workshops, one passion

Traditional working methods combined with state of the art technology

Werkvreugde has two workshops in the Netherlands, where we where we can meet our customers’ every need. In total, we employ 30 craftsmen, for whom no assignment is too diffcult. With some 50 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be a dynamic company with a rich history.


Our years of hands on experience enables us to provide creative and innovative solutions for the most diverse problems. For us at Werkvreugde engineering stands for efficient project management, clear promises and proactive cooperation. For you as our client this translates to High quality output that meets your project aims.

Construction and production

From scratch to solution, Werkvreugde delivers

Werkvreugde is made up of a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in the luxury yacht building industry. We distinguish ourselves by our traditional working methods and time, care and attention we invest in your products. This combined with modern machinery and the latest digital measurements and design techniques, ensures the highest possible standard of quality. Our design department can turn your sketch or idea into a three-dimensional representation.

Pickling and passivation

Two processes to achieve the ultimate goal: perfection

Pickling after the construction phase provides complete removal of oxide skin and impurities. It restores corrosion resistance and returns to the quality level of the original base material and removes the naturally occurring chromium oxide skin and activates the surface.

Passivation is a processing technique, which usually follows after pickling and rinsing, with the surface provided with a passive coating. The actual passivation takes place in stainless steel by treatment in a nitric acid bath, thus returning the passive state by restoring the layer of chromium oxide. Due to this treatment, the underlying metal gets its original corrosion protection back.

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